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2009-12-23 16:30:13 by Fiddledoofilms

on boxing day day i will buy i mic for my animathions so i can talk and some how i will download flash player it wont work for somereason please help me leave a comment with a link i need help

make a vid!

2009-12-20 19:25:33 by Fiddledoofilms

Im going to make a video soon of seeing all the charecters then i will make seires hope you like the vid coming soon


2009-12-20 08:26:09 by Fiddledoofilms


got pic

2009-12-20 08:16:30 by Fiddledoofilms

finally i got my pic to work i might change it when my paint program stARTS WORKING

help me!

2009-12-19 12:55:31 by Fiddledoofilms

can you tell me how to make a persanol icon just leave a comment or send a message it says it has to have no transparental background what deos that mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-12-19 12:43:45 by Fiddledoofilms

ok i made a logo for fiddledoo films i think im going to change it leave a comment if you like it